Poem in Your Pocket Tues. April 30

6am-12am & TwitPic your pocket poem

Franklin High School's First "Poem in Your Pocket" Day!

April is poetry month! Franklin is going to celebrate! How?

Write a poem. Or read a poem. Take a twitpic of your poem and share it with the world. Carry your poem in your pocket! Share it in the hallways. Share it at lunch. Share with a friend. Share with a teacher. Just share it.


  • Using Twitter @fhspatriots, take a photo or screenshot of your poem and share it with the hashtag #pocketpoemfhs.
  • To have your poems viewed globally simply use the even briefer hashtag #pocketpoem.

Famous Poets?

Angelou Atwood Alcott Auden Browning Byron Bryant Coleridge Cummings Dickenson Dillard Eliot Emerson Frost Graves Hardy Hughes Joyce Longfellow Lewis Marvell Poe Plath Rich Roethke Silverstein Shakespeare Sandburg Shelley Walker Whitman Wordsworth Wheatley Wilde Walcott Wright Yeats YOU?