Organic Compounds and Living Things

Monday, October 15th, 2012

All Living Things Have...

Did you know that all living things are made of CELLS? It's true! All animals, plants, and other living things are made of cells.

Living things need energy to survive. One way of getting energy is from food. For example, foods high in carohydrates like wheat products give a ton of energy. Proteins like meat and eggs help repair your bones, and lipids are fats.

Living things eat to maintain homeostasis. They also depend on each other for food. Plants depend on the sun, and omnivores depend on other animals for meat. This characteristic is called interdependence.

Another characteristic that is true to ALL living things is heredity and evolution. Nucleic Acids hold your DNA and RNA, which are passed from parent to offspring. Slowly over time, living things evolve. They take the good characteristics, keep them, and make them better. This process is called evolution. Evolution is change over time!

Now you have learned about the basics of living things! :)