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Mrs. Turner's PEAK Class

Welcome Back

Now that our PEAK year is officially underway, I'll be sending home monthly newsletters. These will include photos, important reminders, curriculum updates (so you know what we are working on each month), and links to articles about parenting gifted kiddos.

Our Schedule:

Curricular Areas:


Fourth grade students began the year with a look at problem solving. This month, we will dig deeper into climate change and the polar bear problem. Specifically, we will try to determine the problem the polar bears are currently facing. We will also review how to find reliable resources for research and how to take good notes. Students are learning a framework for problem solving and will practice applying this framework to problems each week. The Problem Solving Framework:

  • Define the Problem
  • Gather Information or Fact Find (The 5 W's of the problem)
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Evaluate solutions (pros and cons)
  • Propose Solution


4th graders will use math to investigate media claims. The claims will connect directly to the global problems we'll be studying during our Theme time.

Topic Study:

Students took an interest inventory and chose a topic for research. This month, they will begin collecting resources, write an essential question, and take notes. Mrs. Mann and I are teaming up for topic study this year. We are excited for the benefits of collaboration not only between us as teachers, but between the kids as well! The Thursday class will work directly with the students of Mrs. Mann's class and the Friday class will have virtual opportunities.


Science will commence after 15 sessions of math and be integrated into our theme study. I have found from research that gifted students benefit when the day flows and the curriculum is interdisciplinary. This allows for more in-depth learning. I am piloting this new schedule to increase student engagement and depth of learning.

Schedule Reminders:

Early Release - September 17

No PEAK - September 18

Some DOs and DONTs for Raising Gifted Kids

It seems many people believe raising a gifted kid is easy, but the truth is, it can be really difficult and exhausting! This article has some good tips and reminders!


Personal Growth and Development

Students are learning the following personal growth and development sills:
  • SMART Goal setting
  • Features of stress and how to manage it