AIS Foundations seminars in Canada


Full 15 NCBTMB credits for only $385 Canadian Dollars!

AIS Foundations 1 - Expanding the Professional Potential.

The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Foundations seminars empower all manual therapists with the full compliment of AIS protocols as they pertain to clinical treatments and problems related to a client’s pain or physical restrictions.

These seminars offer therapist (and their clients!) the tools to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. AIS optimizes a body’s range of motion, promoting functional and physiological restoration of myofascia and joint tissues, offering massage therapists greater access to the deeper myofascial tissues without applying greater pressure.

These seminars are comprised of 80% hands-on and 20% lecture and will cover both Self and Assisted stretching.

AIS Foundations 1 and 2

The AIS Foundations 1 + 2 seminars offer manual therapist new approaches to problems related to physical restrictions caused from sport-related injuries, overuse syndromes or the simple rigors of everyday life.

Founder of Stretching Canada, Paul John Elliott teaches nation-wide, bringing his 2-day AIS Foundations and Advanced seminars to manual therapists, athletic therapists, personal trainers and movement specialists.

The Instructor

Founder of Stretching Canada, Paul John Elliott, teaches nation-wide, bringing his 10+ years and over 10,000 hours of experience to these 2-day AIS Foundations seminars. In his own Montreal-based clinic Paul uses his AIS expertise in conjunction with his NKT level 3, level 3 Structural Myofascial and Canio-Sacral techniques to create a comprehensive and synergistic approach to therapeutic body work. Paul takes great pride in empowering manual therapists, athletic therapists and personal trainers with the extraordinary benefits of the AIS protocols along with their therapeutic applications.
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