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Introduction To Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall was born on April 3rd, 1934 and lives still today. She is 81 years old. Jane is a British primatologist, a person who studies "non-human primates". Jane is mostly known for the study that she did on chimpanzees in Tanzania. In 1977, she started her work as a conservationist, when she founded the Jane Goodall Institute. In the present, Jane is still a conservationist that travels and lectures around the world.

B i o g r a p h y

It had been her dream since she was a toddler to study animals, her dream to study started after reading the story of "Doctor Dolittle" book series by Hugh Lofting. She didn't immediately start by becoming a primatologist. After graduating from Uplands Private School and becoming a typist and working for some time in choosing music for films and documentaries, a family friend invited her to go to Africa with her. There, her friends encouraged her to contact a paleontologist, Louis Leakey. He hired her to become his secretary at first but slowly he helped her studied more anymore, when finally she was able to study the group of chimpanzees she wanted to. Even though, it took two years for her to be accepted by the chimpanzees she was studying, she made one of her first discoveries, that chimpanzees were omnivorous, by just observing and imitating the animals. She was also able to observe chimps using tools to get termites to eat. When she told Leakey he said this, "Now we must redefine 'tool', redefine 'man'. Or accept chimpanzees as humans."

After this discovery she made many more observing how they communicated and socialized with each other. Jane wrote her first book in 1971 that became very popular called "In Shadow of Man".

It would be 6 years later, that she would establish the Jane Goodall institute, but around the 1970's is when she started to realize the negative changes that were happening around her in Africa. All those things pushed her to found Jane Goodall Institute which teaches people how to stay healthy, how to farm well, and they also built medical clinics and dug wells.

Jane has achieved so much in her life and continues to make a positive impact on the world by spreading her words of conserving and taking care of our Earth.

Jane Goodall Fun Facts

- Jane's dad gave her a toy chimpanzee when she was a year old. She named it Jubilee and she still has it to this day.

- When Goodall first went to Tanzania she couldn't travel alone because the British government mandated that she have a travel partner, so her mom joined her on her first trip.

- Jane named the chimps that she worked with. And other scientist disapproved of that.

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