Week of October 12th-16th

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~ I hope everyone had a beneficial 2 days of learning this week. Shout out to our district presenters, Sasha, April and Amy B. for representing Elkins well on their presentations! Remember, we have GREAT resources on our own campus, so don't hesitate to reach out to them (or anyone) with questions, tutorial sessions on specific items, and/or just to bounce ideas off of!

~ Now that the printer is fixed, we will begin hanging up the vocabulary words in the hallways this week, and I will explain to student on announcements about how they can write their definitions, use the words in sentences, or tell what that word means to them. We will start with our PIRATE words all over the building, and ALL of the words will eventually be posted in the cross hallways with places for the students to write.

~ As was discussed in our training this morning, we will be having another round of our campus CIR (Campus Instructional Review) cohorts coming up in November. If you were not able to participate last year, this will be a great opportunity for you to sign up. We will use both the Rigor Rubric as well as the Instructional Rounds form when we do our walk throughs. The sign ups will be on Sign-Up Genius, and there will be 2 dates available (both are 1/2 days, and we will pay for the subs).

~ Just a reminder that we have a CPAC meeting on Thursday after school .

~ Reminder...October 16th is the LAST day you cant print off your TELPAS certification certificates. DON'T FORGET!! If you don't print them off, you will lose the information and will have to retake the training!

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~ Parent/Teacher conferences are right around the corner. We have that afternoon of November 11th (early dismissal) for conferences, but you won't be able to get them all in that day. Make sure not to schedule conferences during your regular conference period on that Wednesday, as we will be on early dismissal schedule. We also have The Morris Brothers coming for an assembly on bullying that morning. There will be 2 different assemblies, one for K-2 and another for 3-5. We will get those times to you soon!

~ We have enough interest in Destination Imagination this year to have 2 teams! That's great news!! Sasha leads the team, but she cannot be the leader of both. If you would be willing to help Sasha out, she can show you the "ropes" and it would allow for other students to have the opportunity to participate. Please consider helping out, so we can offer this opportunity to twice as many deserving students!!

~ Don't forget to remind students about our Fall Festival coming up! Have you signed up to volunteer!?! There's a week of jeans passes and a Sonic drink in it for ya!

~ Have you donated to the Education Foundation? Make sure to see Janet or Gina to get your donation in! Also-make sure you take advantage and apply for the Education Foundation grants and scholarships! We are giving back to our own teachers/staff by donating to this great cause!


~Clubs being THIS FRIDAY! Make sure you tell students that the first day will be mainly about learning where to go, who the teacher is, what the expectations (setting norms) will be, and an explanation of what your club will do.

~ On Club days, please have your students be ready to leave once clubs conclude at 2:30. For younger kiddos, this probably means having them pack up before they go. For older students, they can probably manage to get things together once they get back, but it's up to the specific teacher.

~ Check on the sign up lists to get:

1. Your club roster, so you will know who to expect

2. Create a list of where your students will be. You will just do this by looking at each club roster and creating your own list. This will be needed in case the student needs to leave early and we need to locate him/her as well as the needed safety component of knowing which student is where.

Words of the Week

Words of the week for this week are:

Kg: EMBRACE: to hug or support

1st: ZANY: funny, clownish

2nd: SCURRY: to move quickly

3rd: AMBLE: to walk slowly

4th: METACOGNITION: thinking about thinking

5th: ELATED: in high spirits, very happy or proud

This is the week where YOU TEACH OTHER GRADE LEVELS! I know we have a short week, but start with sending some kids for announcements. Or, make some posters for the hallway! We can work up to videos, skits, etc. We just want to the kids to do the work- Always remember, "the one who is doing the working is the one doing the learning." Think of that Quad D visual- Student Works/Student Thinks.

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Thursday, October 15th: CPAC meeting after school w/campus leadership team (team leaders, Janet, Courtney, Bobby, Kori, Amy B., and Ashley) @ 3:00

Friday, October 16th: Clubs begin @ 2:00

Tuesday, October 20th: ICLE Visit for 2nd and 3rd grade @ Saginaw Elem. (3rd will be 8:00-11:00) (2nd will be 12:00-300). Make sure to get with Laura to arrange subs!

Wednesday, October 21st- Kori off campus all day at LEAD meeting

Thursday, October 22nd @ 3:00- Math Vertical Team Meeting (Courtney's room)

Friday, October 23rd: Fun Run during Specials

Week of October 26th-30th: RED RIBBON WEEK

Thursday, October 29th: Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Friday, October 30th: Spirit Rally @ 1:50

Tuesday, Nov. 3 & Wed Nov. 4th: Bobby off campus

Wednesday, Nov. 11th: Morris Brothers Assembly on Bullying!

Early Release for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, November 12th: Kori off campus at training

Friday, November 13th @ 10:30 - Dr. Parker on campus to visit classrooms

(yes- you can still wear jeans :)

Thursday, November 19th @ 2:00- Dr. Chadwell here for visit


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