How to Measure

Diego Alban

Dry ingrediants

tips when measuring dry ingredients

1.always use the back of the knife to even it out

2.don't pack it down

3.make sure you are using the right ingredient

You will use this when making a soup that you are making tortilla soup or when you are doing a science experiment...

Moist Ingredients

tips when using moist measuring

1.don't try to pack as much as you can in one cup

2.before you pack make sure its a moist ingredient that has air in it

3.make sure your ingredients don't get wet

You will use this when making cakes and also when you are measuring brown sugar in any pastry instead of regular sugar...

Liquid Ingrediants

Tips to follow when Measuring liquid ingredients

1. look at eye level

2.make sure it's on a flat surface

3.make sure you are using a liquid measuring cup

You would use this when making flan and cup cakes and many other things...