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Raising Aspirations & Attainment in Science & STEM


To develop pupils’ awareness of scientific enquiry through Forensic Science and the applications, techniques and authentic processes used within a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) hands-on workshop. Introducing elements of the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters, additionally, assisting in transitional development.


  • Raise the profile of Science within the school and contribute to raised attainment & aspirations in Science

  • Learn about new topics and try new ideas in a less pressured ‘non-classroom’ environment

  • Increase interest and attitude towards Science and STEM subjects

  • Encourage independent working and team work, in order to approach and solve scientific problems

As seen at the Science Festival at the Bedworth Civic Centre in the Summer 2013

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Our video below shows pupils engaged and on task!

CSI School ........ Coming to a School near you!


  • Give pupils a good overall knowledge of Forensic Science, the Criminal Justice System and Online Internet Safety issues (CEOP)
  • Engage the pupils in an introduction to Scientific enquiry using Forensic Science in preparation for transition to KS3, highly recommended for Year 5 & Year 6 groups
  • Give pupils the opportunity to explore areas of Forensic Science - an ideal introduction to the Science Curriculum
  • Allow pupils to participate in practical ‘hands-on’ science activities using authentic equipment
  • Broaden pupils’ enthusiasm for Science and STEM subjects, encouraging them to be active and curious
  • Teach pupils that Science is all around them - gain a greater understanding of scientific enquiry and it’s wider aspects
  • Allow pupils to gain confidence in their own thoughts and how to communicate ideas to different groups
  • Pupils will learn how these Forensic Science techniques relate and integrate into everyday life and the importance that this specialist skill-set plays within today’s Criminal Justice System, encouraging & supporting Crime Prevention at an age when it really matters
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