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Introduction to Radiant health with Ayurveda

Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 7pm

1404 W Walnut Hill Ln

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Welcome to Lifestyle consultation with Dr. Usha Peri, MD and Pulse diagnosis with Dr. Lokesh Raturi.

'Ayurveda’ or the ‘Science of Life,’ has bestowed upon us the miraculous art and science of 'Nadi vijñan’ - the Knowledge of Pulse. Ayurveda supports health without disturbing the natural intelligence of the body, that’s why people around the world are now turning to the ancient science of Ayurveda to help them regain and maintain optimal health.

This unique ancient Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the examination of the pulse is also referred as Nadi Chikitsa (or Nadi Pariksha /Pulse Assessment/ Pulse Reading / Pulse Diagnosis etc)

Pulse reading is not simply detecting rate of the heartbeat, but an indication the patient’s cosmic energy, giving insight into his/her condition. The left and right hand pulses, and different pressures provide details of the various body organs. The procedure is said to bring the subconscious of the patient and practitioner in touch with each other. So when a Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctor) examines the pulse, he/she can discern information regarding the health and wellbeing of the individual, including various imbalances and health conditions.

According to Ayurveda, disease originates from imbalances in our body. Ayurveda calls these imbalances doshas — a basic constitutional imbalance in the five elements i.e. ether, air, fire, water and earth that make up our body.

Bringing our system back into balance addresses the root cause of disease and is the key to good health.

Ayurveda uses pulse diagnosis, Nadi Pariksha - a uniquely insightful diagnostic method to detect our imbalances. Pulse diagnosis is done with three fingers, the index, middle and ring fingers. The index finger indicates any Vata imbalance, the middle Pitta imbalance and the ring finger Kapha imbalance. Through this method, in just a few moments, we gain precious insight into which disturbance of elemental balances in the body, whether due to seasonal changes or the process of aging. Pulse diagnosis also helps to determine our prakriti, the body constitution we are born with.

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Come and discover how Ayurveda uses pulse diagnosis, Nadi Pariksha - a uniquely insightful diagnostic method to detect our imbalances.

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Dr. Lokesh is a globally renowned Ayurvedic doctor, trainer and pulse diagnosis expert associated with Sri Sri Ayurveda. His expertise includes pulse diagnosis, chronic disease management, meditation and pancha karma treatments.