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Different Types of Bio-Nutritional Products

Significance of Bio-Nutritional Products
Bio nutritional products are those that are extracted from organic resources present in the earth. These are of different types and applied for developing and increasing the efficiency of translocation of minerals within plants. Seaweeds, humates are prime among them from where nutritional materials are extracted.

Seaweed Extract Technologies
Careful extraction of liquid bio extract organic manure in presence of lactobacilli media provides better organic product and this helps for quick bio availability in plant tissue. This method is applied to extract organic manure from both seaweed vegetable and animal origin products.

Seaweed Series
These are available in soluble powder and liquid format such as Sea grow WS, Sea Grow Liquid extract with 33% and sea amino. These are very helpful to increase nutritive content for bacteria present in soil.

Amino Acid Series
Amino acid organic fertilizers helps to decrease nitrogen deficiencies in plants as amino acid aided plants get adequate amount of nitrogen and stay healthy. This product is available in nutritional compositions like amino acid with hydrolyzed proteins.

Amino Acid Chelateseries
Liquid Amino acid chelated multi minerals are available in different combinations to enhance healthy agricultural aspects.

Peptide Based Insect Baits to protect Crops from Diptera
Biobait is an interesting ingredient that is applied widely to protect crops from Diptera and other insects and can be applied along with insecticides. These are advisable supplementary for citrus, olives and stone fruits.

Humate Series
Humus contains organic natural humic acid, potassium humate and fulvic acid which helps in restoring the natural balance of soil. These are found in farm yard manure and compost and processed to be used for increasing soil capability.

Producing Organic Nutritional Supplements
Suboneyo Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is one among the leading manufacturers of Amio Acid Minerals in India. Our dedication towards patented processes and expertise team of professionals has led us to become a pioneering industry in the production of bio-nutritional products.

On the Lead Role of Manufacturing Genuine Ingredients
When it comes to bio organic products our prime raw material remains seaweeds and hydrolyzed protein. We apply them in the production of nutritional supplementary products for animals, agricultural requirements for growing healthy and organic crops, fermentation and variety of products.

Bio Technology Based Organic Products
Suboneyo India is the largest manufacturer of biotechnology based Bio Organic Products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and competing attitude in producing more and more organic supplements, we stay one among the very few leading manufacturers in India.

Superior Research Guidance in Manufacturing Technology
We work under the perfect guidance of our mentor Dr rer.nat.S.M.Chaudhary, an experienced Scientist, whose in-depth knowledge remains the torch to lead us to our mission.

Why to choose our products?
Scientists whose working experience as a scientist in several MNC’s is directing us to produce and supply finest quality of products and therein we are able to maintain our reputation since our inception with many reliable customers.

Bio organic products are obtained from natural resources and are processed in different methods to be added as supplementary sources for healthy agriculture.