The grass lands

jobs,landforms and more

Animal life

Here are some of the animals. Browing owl,Cattle,White tail deer,Antalope,Buffalo and some snakes. so if you like hunting this is not the place to go.But if your in to being a farmer[look above for info on being a farmer] this is the place for you

Guaruteed to be relaxing and quiet


It can get 30 to 40c of water every year. During the summer it can be very dry

What makes the grassland a unique part of alberta

most of the grassland has been turnd in the farming land


catus,wild flower,weat and lots and lots of grass

Location of the rocky mountians

the grasslands are located on the out skirts of alberta and a little bit in the middle of alberta

pros and cons

pro:the grasslands are very dry and some times wet

con:the grasslands can get to dry and turn into wild fires

Pro:the grasslands are great for a person who has dogs or horses or even kids.[if you know what i mean parents]