Battle of Berlin

Why Fight?

We, the Soviets, are trying to capture Berlin because we know it will end the war in Europe and end Adolf Hitler's reign of terror.

Battle of Berlin

Wednesday, May 2nd 1945 at 9pm

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Berlin

The Battle

On April 20th the Soviet Army will advance into Berlin. The 2 million citizens of Berlin brace themselves for the fighting. The Russians will take on all the German lines of defense. The Soviets will slowly take control of Berlin. On May 2nd Berlin will completely fall to the control of Russia closing out the war in Europe.

General Zhukov

Known to many as "the man who did not lose a battle." Zhukov was not only the most successful general of WWII, he was also the won who ended it. He led the Soviet Army into Berlin. Although Zhukov lost many men that day he still managed to capture Berlin.


This battle is great for ending the war, but it is infamous for the amount of lives lost. It is estimated that close to 300,000 soldiers and civilians died. The survivors had to deal with contaminated water and very small food rations. The Red Army's efforts to help were genuine, but they were unable to help completely.


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