Modern Texas



2 key people in the WWl are

  • Sir Christopher Cradock:British officer-Admiral
  • John J. Pershing:The American general in command of all U.S. forces in Europe during the war.

The people on our side were Britain,France and russia the people that were not on our side were Germany,Austria-Hungary and the ottoman Empire.

  • The U.S joined World War 1 because they were mad about the sinking of the Lusitania and more ships and they were requested to join.
  • Texas helped out because they gave more help and helped build forts and allowed more nurses.
  • WWl ended when Germany surrendered November 11 1918.


Herbert Hoover took various measures to stimulate the economy.

  • FDA helped pull the country out of the great depression by passing many laws and establishing new agencies.
  • What caused the Dust Bowl and how did it affect farmers it was caused by Severe drought and improper dryland farming methods it affected farmers by killing plants and animals whenever they got to much sand.
  • The New Deal helped jobless,poor,economy and made sure no more depressions would happen.
  • Tenant farmers and miners were affected because their stocks went down.

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  • David H. Byrd was important because he helped form the Civil air patrol (CAP) in September 1941.
  • Edith Whatley McKanna was important because she was the first women that had a plane and was licensed and she volunteered at CAP.

Axis Power included Germany, Italy and Japan and the Allies were Britain,France,Australia,Canada,New Zealand,India,Soviet Union, China and the U.S.

  • Texas impacted WW2 because it had the needed resources.
  • Life on the war-Front changed because people had to be secretive and some got captured.
  • WW2 ended because Japan surrendered.

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