Sophie Hodges

5th grader

Introducing Me

My name is Sophie Hodges. I am 10 years old. I have an amazing family, 2 dogs, and a cat. I have a dog that is a pit bull/ boxer and his name is Maverick. My other dogs name is Odie and he is a dachshund. My cats name is Tinkerbell and she is a white cat with black spots.

Hobbys and Sports

My favorite sport is softball. I also like gymnastics, and karate though. My favorite sport to watch is hockey. The Topeka Roadrunners is my favorite hockey team. I've went to there games since I was a baby. My favorite hobby is making delicious desserts. But, I also like playing outside, playing sports and I like to do arts and crafts.
2014/2015 Topeka RoadRunners Season Recap - "I've Got the Magic In Me"

My favorite restaurants

My favorite Restaurants

My favorite things

My favorite color is orange. My favorite subjects are Spanish and math. I love stuffed animals, I probably have over 100. I love going to school. My favorite board game is Clue. And I love working on projects. I also love to read.