TechTools for Teachers

Zavalla ISD

Formative Assessment

Google Forms

  • Forms can be used to collect data for a variety of reason
  • Click “New”, then “Form”
  • Create title and select theme (you can change this later!)
  • Add a description if desired
  • Enter in Questions- Select type of response and whether item is required
  • To preview the form, click on “View live form”
  • To designate where responses are collected, click on “Choose response destination”

Infuse Learning

  • Go to
  • Sign up - its free!
  • Log in as a teacher.
  • Create a quiz - like a long test that you would give the whole class.
  • You can also have live questions where you ask the question and click on the question type.
  • The data is saved as a spreadsheet.


  • Using a video, add information to it so that students are interactive.
  • Here is an example.

Student Creating

Thing Link

  • Add tags to a picture that can give more information.
  • Can do videos, websites, or other information.
  • Example
  • App and website

Flip snack

  • Takes a PDF and makes it into an actual flippable book.
  • Free-mium - free up to 15 pages per book.
  • Example

Teacher Resources




  • Non-fiction current events
  • You can change the reading level
  • Reading articles is free, to assign quizzes and see their results you need a pro account.
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