Team Buchanan Owl Stories


Tentative date for NEW Fall launch is the week of Aug. 18th! Please watch the team page or O2 Lounge for more info!!! SO many new charms!! We are now partnered with Swarovski crystals, pronounced "swore off ski" to be making our birthstones and some of our lockets will have Swarovski crystals, the CORE line which is customizable bangle bracelets, the new leather locket bracelets, BRIDAL line, locket lanyards and I am sure I missed some things! Fall is going to be amazing!!! Please watch the lounge for dates and for new take out menus, which should be available the week before the 18th to pre-order! Also watch the lounge for some new product designer kits!!!

GROW O2 Experience 2014!!!

We had so much fun and got so much inspiration at this years GROW O2 national convention!! If you would like to join us next summer it will be in CHICAGO July 23-25th!! I encourage everyone to start planning now on how you are going to get there! It is an experience you do not want to miss!! I am so thankful for all of you ladies that joined us in Phoenix this year!! Check out a quick video from GROW O2 here,

Origami Owl is now offering INSURANCE!!

This is HUGE! So excited for everyone that needs this! Check it out here!

TEAM Page on Facebook!

I, again, encourage everyone to join us on FB at to stay up to date on what is going on! I also encourage you to check the O2 Lounge, at least a few times a week!
As always, if I can help you please do not hesitate to contact me, 618-231-0254, email or find me on FB at I do encourage everyone to connect with their mentor first but know that I am always here to help you as well. I want everyone to be successful, whatever successful is to YOU!

NEST contact info!!

The phone # to the Nest is 888-491-0331! Please always check to see if the issue you are having is something that your mentor can help you with before calling. Not that is isn't ok to call the Nest, we are just here to help you, and everyone I talk to that mentors really does enjoy doing so! :) When you give your mentor a chance to help you, if they don't know then they get to learn too and that is how we all learn and GROW in our businesses!! Most likely your mentor is a great learning tool!