2.09 Steps of the selling process

By: Ashley Lusk

1. Approach Customer

The first encounter with the customer is important. You have to approach the customer in a service approach which lets the customer know you want to help them or in a greeting approach which helps the customer feel welcome.

2. Determine Needs

Find customers reasons for buying early. You have to listen to the customer and observe what the customers likes without saying it. And you have to ask questions to see what the customer needs/wants.

3. Present the Product

You need to tell the customer about the product and show them the product.

4. Overcome Objections

Give the customer enough information about the product so he/she does not have a objection. If he/she has a objection help them over come it by telling them about the benefits and how it could help them.

5. Close the Sale

You have to make the customer want the product so much that they will buy it. You and the customer need to reach a agreement.

6. Suggestion Selling

Try selling more to the customer. Suggest more products to the customer. Try to enhance the sell.

7. Build Relationships

Call the customer and see how the product is working. Keep in contact with the customer.