Poetry Anthology Project

By: Joseph Jones

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Joseph Jones was born and raised in Dallas Texas to Lisa and Dave Jones that molded him into the man he is today by centering his life around godly christians morals and competing in sports on national levels. As being the runt of five children, Joseph learned a lot of life lessons from his three brothers and one sister that gave him a outlook of what his purpose is in life and how he became the writer is his today. Joseph was taught discipline and grace by his father , David Jones, serving in the U.S Air Force flying F16's and accomplishing owning his own business with the weight of six mouths to feed. Joseph's father showed him the american dream of creating a successful life with hard work and dedication of becoming an american hero in his eyes and being a small business entrepreneur. Joseph's life was elveod mainly by two things, golf and church. Joseph grew up playing a gentleman's game that required maturity and patients at an early age of competing at the top level at his sport along his brothers and sister. Everyday Joseph was dedicated and determined to be the best in his sport by giving up parties, get togethers, football games, and many more social events that was a block in his path to greatness and be on top. Sunday was a holiday in the Jone's house hold every week because it was a day to rejoice and celebrate their savior Jesus Christ. Joseph's faith in life came before everything he did, if Joseph wasn't at church or youth group, he was beating on his craft for golf or going to school. As a writer, Joseph wanted to incorporate his life lessons and godly morals throughout his writing to inspire his readers to find their purpose in life with our savior Jesus Christ and showcase that true work ethic shows true results.

Where I'm From Poem

Where I'm From

I am from sweet tea,

from Cavender boots and Aunt Jean’s pie.

I am from the open prairies.

( beautiful everlasting landscape.)

I am from the bluebonnet,

the pecan trees

that grow outside my window.

I am from Sunday church and southern hospitality,

from David Jones and Lisa Jones.

I am from the sports loving

and military serving,

from the Bible and hold true to family values.

with Christian values

and honor to God.

I’m from Texas,

brisket and watermelon.

From the service of my father in the Gulf War,

the hard working dedication to stay alive.

Bible verses

above all entrances,

five kids

unconditional love

I am from the Jones family,

a military serving,

sports loving,

God honoring,

and sweet tea drinking family.

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Narrative poem


Shivering behind a cast-iron door

I prepare to stare into evil’s face.

My heart was beating out of my chest.

As the door plunges into the scarlet ocean of spilling corpuses,

husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers

all taken from

wives, children, parents, and sisters.

Mind tells me to hide with the followers

Heart forces me to jeopardize myself

As a soldier

As a leader

As an American

running toward the gates of death

Snipers shot shells that seared selfless servicemen

bullets, bombs, smoke, cries

all emotions spill out as my rifle begins to cut








though the ends of my fingertips

my gun was was as cold as a Nazi heart…

An innocent mind transforms

into a predator who must hunt. to. survive.

As the battle concludes I stagger through the corpses

searching for the swastika

universal symbol of evil

my soldier’s instincts come alive one last time

to tear that flag

and plant my own anew

But a sharp cry pierces the air

Some wounded Nazi’s bloody German

I turn to face the noise

And see—

Structure poem

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The Picture above is the original Format. This paragraph below allows you to read it better due to the blurry picture.

Unconditional Love

Love without conditions, unconditional love is never ending and uplifting. The type of love that endorses and goes the distance goes the distance. Who loves us unconditionally? JEUSE! He loves is when we are down, he loves us when we ignore Him. He sticks closer then us then a brother. He will never leave us. Most of all, he loves us when we are unlovable. He who believes in his unconditional love will receive his love eternally, but he who doesn’t will surely perish…

Unconditional Love

(Love without conditions,)

Unconditional love is NEVER ending,

NEVER ending,

NEVER ending,


The type of love that endorses and goes the


Who loves us unconditionally???









He loves us when we ignore Him.


He will NEVER.....leave….us…

MOST of all, He LOVES us when we are unLOVABLE.

He who believes in HIS

Un con di tion al


Will re-ceive his L O V E



he who doesn’t









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Ode Poem

Ode to my Burrito

Woke up in the morning

Feeling this sense; this urge

On a top-secret mission to save

My stomach

One burrito at a time

One place in mind.

My heart and car are racing

Hands barely holding on to the wheel

A heavenly light beams down

Illuminating this blessing; this holy temple of tomatillo and tortillas.

this sense of urge I’ve never felt so compelled to do ever in my life. I believe I was on a secret mission of saving my stomach one burrito at a time with the thoughts of one place in my mind. I race to the restaurant with my hands gripping the steeling wheel as if I was holding on for dear life to get a burrito. As I pull up, it seems as if a heavenly light was shinning down onto god’s blessing of society, a Chipotle restaurant.

Adrenaline running through my veins

the oh so divine serenity of all-natural foods grown from the garden of Eden that make my hunger dissipate.

Greeted by workers that gifted with the hands of a surgeon

saving hundreds of starving stomachs everyday with essential life-saving skills.

As my words spill out from the supreme power of what my burrito needs, I can’t help myself from drooling on the glass that separates me from my beloved best friend.

The flour tortilla

the temple of my burrito

holding the congregation together.

Black beans; they complete me

the hole in my heart that is filled again with the taste of bittersweet sensation.

White rice

the snow of my burrito

lemon-lime grains of truth.


the heart of my burrito

the place in my heart that can never be tampered with.

The blend of the rich spices flowing

from the highest point of the mountain

to the running streams of a valley.

The meat that has been marinated all its life

waiting for this moment

of glorious homecoming.


secret leaves of nutrition that give me floral energy.

The plant of wisdom that gives me ever endless knowledge of life.


holy cow it’s that good

The cheese that is the bee’s knees.


the peak of the mountain of my burrito

praying they don’t charge me the extra price

for salvation that should be free.

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Allusion Poem

Deus Ex Comida

Steak, always a winner, never makes you thinner.

A meaty sensation that makes you worth a million bucks.

In the heat of the meat is Dallas – where God made the steak with his own hands.

Full of flavor you must savor. A slap every time of overwhelming flavor.

The glisten of golden carvings on top called cheese

The surrounding of a puffy cumulus cloud of crust

A pillar of cloud guides me through the city that never sleeps.

A city where you can fly from one side to the other.

A fish born to be like the Pink Panther.

From the west coast of celebrities and the surf capitol of the states.

The salmon that is nurtured to perfection by the world.

A taste that makes you want to discover Atlantis!

Hard pointy blades of cactus keep you away from the golden cake center you just can’t resist.

A fruit that grows from streets paved with gold and drops onto the earth.

A place where hello to us is aloha in their created language.

The brightness of the yellow rings creates an eclipse in the sky.

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

A round fuzz ball that contains every decadence in the world

Like moonlight through the pines of my Georgia state of mind.

A bite of sweetness even Eve would envy.

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Sonnet Poem

Astrophil Stella

I say that love is like a starry sky

Transmitted from myself and unto you

Your star shines brightest-no one can deny

A twinkle of a love that glows so true.

A darkness penetrated from on high

Your beauty-northern star-shall guide my way.

Though double-dealing suitors seek to lie

Your purest heart can never decay.

But though I have flaws buried deep inside

A hollow heart-you love me even still.

The lonely flowers in my soul have died

Imperfections frosted by your love’s chill.

Let your love be my guardian angel

I hope this poem took the right angle.

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Throughout my poem anthology project, I came across many opportunities in each different format that inspired each poem to get the message across in the most effective way. For example, in my “Ode to My Burrito”, my use of words and format were used to persuade and to intrigue the reader of how amazing a burrito is that takes your taste buds for a ride to heaven and showcased the emotions of how I felt toward a burrito. Each poem served a different purpose intended for the reader by either finding a connection or trying to show a deeper thought of person’s emotion and how it relates to our own emotions. Overall, my poems were created to make the reader feel a connection and relate to my stories. During this process of creating my project, I had to take a deeper look into myself of finding my own purpose into each poem I created to incorporate my own personal beliefs and emotions. My Faith and beliefs inspired to spread my message to others through my poems praying that they find the everlasting love I’ve experienced in my own life.