Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

A Novel by David Lubar

"December 6

Auditions for the school play are tonight at seven. But I've learned my lesson. No way I'm going. I can't act. I have no interest in theater. My voice still cracks once in a while. And I'm far too busy already.

I made it to six-thirty before I asked Dad for a ride to school"(Lubar 148.)

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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a story about Scott Hudson, an incoming freshmen at Zenger High School, whose list of worries about the new year includes his four main friends and how they will survive freshman year, Julia, the prettiest freshman Scott knows, Scott's older brother Bobby coming back home, and, last but not least, Scott's mother announcing that she is pregnant. To make the path brighter for his soon-to-be sibling, Scott decides to write an instruction manual about his first year. However, it soon becomes a cautionary tale, as Scott manages to get into almost everything that his school has to offer just to get the attention of Julia. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a book that is entertaining, smart, and well-written which many people who once were in high school can relate to. A VOYA review states that "Lessons are learned, humor mixed with sadness is prevalent, and the bittersweet year comes to a satisfying end for both the reader and Scott." If you liked the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson books, you will start reading and stop only for food until there is no more to read. If you buy this award-winning book, like thousands of other readers, you may not be able to put it down.
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Zenger High