Robotics Engineer

Kole Davis

Live: In America

I love America and I grew up in it, learning all its history. This can be exciting for me, because I can live my life in a continent that I grew up in. Plus if I choose the job of being the robotic engineer, I can make lots of money and that allows be to buy lost of stuff. My annual salary is about $38,000,000-$65,000,000. Also, I would like to be a YouTube star. Lastly, I plan to be SINGLE. I attend to the University of Georgia.

Job Description

Global Leader has an opening for an organized Robotics Engineer

Position: Robotics Engineer

Type: Permanent

Pay: Based on experience

Background Profile

  • Bachelor’s in Engineering or related field
  • 5+ Years of hands-on experience in the deployment of Robotic technologies in Manufacturing Robotic Programming experience
  • PLC programming is a plus
  • Manufacturing Engineering experience
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Experience in metal fabrication, finishing, assembly, and packaging
  • Strong interpersonal skills, follow-up skills, and the ability to lead without direct authority
  • CAD skills
  • Solid PC skills including proficiency in MS Office