Room 3 Newsletter

News for the week of November 28th

What we will be learning/doing after vacation:

* Language Arts Unit 2 Week 5 : Neighbors get together to have fun and celebrate.

*Vocabulary: enjoy, audience, perform, brilliant, entertain

*Words to know: (read, spell, write): all, put, under, want, show, and together.

*Spelling: fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, thick, sixth, run, bug, want, all

*Grammar: Proper Nouns (captitalizing the days of the week)

*Skill: 5 finger retell

* Math: Chapter 7 More Subtraction Strategies to 12

*Writing: Using a graphic organizer to plan and organize when writing a story

*Science: Animals and their habitats.

Important Notes:

* You do not need to send the blue sheets to me anymore, please be sure to record ALL books that your child reads and the books you read to him/her. If you need the website, please let me know.

*We are collecting any new, unwrapped toys or non-perishable food items for the Holiday Baskets.

*We now have a subscription to raz-kids, an online reading program. I introduced it to the children today and they loved it. You can log in at home at: The username is obrien03

* Please continue to read and log into Compass and Dreambox during the vacation.

* Our Holiday Performance is Friday, Dec. 14th at 9am, we will have a social gathering in our classroom afterwards.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Once again, thank you for the wonderful feast!

Sharon O'Brien