Rti Overview- Huffines MS

Completion of this overview will be eligible for credit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participant will have a clear understanding of RtI and tiers
  • Participant will have a clear understanding of the RtI process
  • Participant will have a clear understanding of Tier 1 strategies
  • Participant will reflect on the information given and provide feedback to help clarify campus and individual understanding
Please watch this short video about RtI. Be prepared to discuss the video with your colleagues on January 4th.
Pyramid Response to Intervention: How to Respond When Kids Don't Learn

What does the RtI Process look like in LISD?

It is important to remember that Response to Intervention (RtI) is a national mandate, but school districts have been given the flexibility to create an RtI Process that fits the district's needs. Please review the Secondary RtI Process Step By Step document and the Tier 1 Secondary FOGS screencast to become familiar with the RtI process in LISD.

Secondary RtI Step by Step

Please click on the link to learn more about the RtI Process in LISD.


What exactly are "tiers"?

A summary of tiers can be found in the chart below. Notice how each tier is similar and different.
Big image

What does Tier 1 look like?

Part of a strong RtI Process includes a solid instructional core, also known as Tier 1. Please watch this short video, showing how two algebra teachers are working together to strengthen their Tier 1 instruction. What do you notice about their teaching styles? What is one part of this instruction that you could use in your own classroom?


Tier 1 FOG

Click here to access the screencast for the Tier 1 FOG. A FOG can be attached to any student, at any time, by choosing a student in Eduphoria Aware and adding a form. Always make sure that ONE FOG is attached to a student. Most campuses keep a spreadsheet of all students in Tier 1, so that any teachers working with a student are aware of Tier 1 strategies being used.
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