Science + Food = Biotechnology

Is "James and the giant peach" possible?

What really is biotechnology ? How does it help?

Taking resources and using them to the most beneficial to the human progression. Biotechnology has taken us a long way as it started back in ancient time with crossbreeding plants to get the desired products or outcomes. The discovery has lead to mass success increasing the popularity of the concept. This is important because it give us as a species a chance to further our understanding of life and possibly how to save them. With professionals working their hardest on new projects that could potentially change the world and its inhabitants.

How close are we to solving a world wide problem?

Why should we care / How does it effect us?

The phenomenon has spread the world over. Sadly, some countries don't have enough funding to be apart of the project. That's what the goal is for Biotechnology to be rid hunger and create jobs while trying to be as Eco-friendly as possible. Different departments of the idea are working together to make the world a better place of those who come after us. And it isn't just scientists farmers and other agricultural workers. Even you,yes, you can get involved there are no limitations on the topic. There are some hazards to conducting the project like health for the people that consume the food but that's just another reason why it should be explored more.

What are the possibilities?

"Golden rice" is one of these examples it is a genetically engineered grain full of vitamin A and it can help prevent blindness in children. it was created by Professors that where apart of the Golden rice project and were even given the Patents for Humanity award for their work. We are closer than ever to ending world hunger and Biotechnology is the answer.

Things it has effected in every day life

Biotechnology has had a great impact on the world of today and even yesterday.

  • Flowers -Fighting diseases and food quality. the use of the gene is to transfer techniques of improving the color, smell and size
  • Plant and Animal Breeding -Enhancing plants and animal traits by traditional methods like cross breeding and grafting, cross-pollination Biotechnology quickens the process
  • Pest Resistant Crops -Scientists first developed transgenic corn expressing B+ protein followed by B+ potato and cotton

By Mariana Barqueiro and Michelle Arthur