By Nayeli, Jasmine

Product of Composting

After you finish the composting bin you can use the compost as mulch or mix soil and compost. You can also mix sand and compost for potted plants. Trench composting and compost pockets can also be made with compost.

What do we put in compost?

Greens: Coffee grounds, grass clippings, weeds, fresh living plants, kitchen vegetable scraps

Browns:Pine Needles, Dead Dried Plant Pieces (Leaves), Egg Shells, Shredded Paper, Saw Dust

Water is necessary because it helps the plants grow.

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To avoid in the compost bin

  • cheese
  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic
  • glass
  • meat
  • fat
  • pet droppings
  • bones
  • milk
  • diseased plants

Temperature Change

The temperature goes to 140

Decomposers Job

Tiny micro organisms go to work bearing down the organic matter into compost.

Such as Millipedes, Sow bugs, Earthworms, etc. do the same.

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Grows Plants

Helps Garden

Helps to not fill up landfills

Fun facts

  • compost pockets can be made and they're easy and fun
  • worms are the biggest decomposers
  • when making a compost bin you need to water as you build

All pictures are from public domain