What's in a Name

Kansas City royals

State and city information

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri. It is located in 39.0997 N, 94.5780 W. Interesting facts are the person who created Disney opened his first studio in Kansas City. It has the two Largest railroad center in the USA. One of the most important physical features is the Mississippi River which runs through Missouri. Most people in Kansas city speak English.The city is located at the south central region.

Team information

  • The mascot of the royals is a lion with a crown on his head. They are nicknamed the big blue bus because the bus that they travel in to games is blue. The team was founded by Ewing Kauffman. Their stadium is called the Kauffman stadium. It is called that because it's the name of the founder of the Kansas city.


Stadiums are naming themself after big company's because the company they named their themselves gives them money and pays for the stadium and other important business.