The Egyptian Turkey News

We're the News is.

Hello everyone all over the world today's news will be in Egypt

Egyptian culture and other things

The one thing I reporter Logan will Do is ask questions to locals and tell some important things.

Frist of silt what is silt. Slit is a very fertile soil that people use to grow there crops. Slit is formed from decayed plants and animals and small sediments from rocks and other things.

Def of silt is small particles of rich soil.

Now aquifers are underground springs that are used for wells for the people. Aquifer water is very fresh and is use for drinking cleaning watering and other things. The def of aquifers are Underground rock layer water runs though.

Now quetions sir do you think the Aswan Dam is a good think yes because it help keep the water okay then thank you. You over there what is Libya oil money used for Libya oil money is use to import food for us okay thank you sir. You ma'ma who were the Berbers the Berbers were the Frist People know to live in North Africa okay ma'ma thank you for your time.

Well folks look like that's all the time I have so have a nice day everyone

Logan Jensen