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Locating Best Leads: The First Important Step to Generating Successful Sales

We do a lot of things during our entire lifetime. Whatever we do in our lives is complete only when they are utilized and appreciated for their use. Similarly, a lot of effort is put into researching a product for the benefit of the customer. There are a number of people who spend days and nights to add value to such research, innovation and make it in a commercialized form which can reach the customer for their use. Furthermore, such efforts need to be packaged well so that the customer can be attracted towards the product or the service this company is manufacturing and providing to the customer. The final step of this research and production lies in the marketing of such product. Once the product is marketed and the customer has made the sale, the company’s work of manufacturing tends to be over.

But such marketing effort goes through various steps and procedures. Marketing efforts depend on the kind of products and services being offered by the company. The businesses can either be serving other businesses and such companies are often called the Business to Business (B2B) companies. There are some other companies which serve the customers. Such companies are preferably called the Business to Customer (B2C) companies. With the advent of technology or even before it, there was a third form of transaction, though its chunk in terms of sales volume and value would comparably be much lower than the other two forms. This essentially deal with the transaction between the customers themselves. These types of companies are better known as the Customer to Customer (C2C) Companies.

Whatever form of business a company might be involved in, the first and foremost step in the process of marketing is to identify the customers or rather the potential customers of the companies. A thorough research and hard work have to be put into this step to make the entire process of sale a success. This identification of customers becomes even more important in case of B2B companies since the number of customers being targeted is comparably lower than that of B2C companies while the volume of business surely is much higher than B2C companies. Also, massive advertising and usage of mass media might be a good strategy for the B2B companies but the effect of such strategy is far lesser than the advertising of products in the B2C segment.

This identification of potential customers is known as the process of Lead generation. This lead generation usually develops a list of all those clients who might be interested in the services of the company and would also try to use such services and goods. They are then taken up on a one on one basis to be influenced to make the purchase decision and thus, finally closing the process of making a sale. But such influencing powers can only be successful if the lead generation step is conducted with due diligence. Such leads are usually generated through various ways such as company database, telemarketing or using internet technology.

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