Section 1

1. Globalization and Geography have an effect on how , where and why people live where they do .

4. Globalization is technology and ideas spread around the world it is a process .


Makes more efficient.

Shows different ways at life and experiences

It makes more money for the company's

Cheaper labor


It creates less jobs

Other country's take other country's for granted

They company's get greedy

They don't pay the workers out of their country as much as they should .

Section 2

5. The final product i have is a mead note book out of the natural resources .


Environmental: Trees

Technological: less jobs

Cultural: cheaper labor

Economic: takes money away from more important things .

7. You could use recycled paper for the paper used in the paper aspect and make it more environmentally friendly and be less wasteful.

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Section 3

4. Globalization relates to me because I am part of that small percentage of people that don't know what we wear goes to and how the company's get their product . They are people on the other side of the world working on the piece of clothing you are wearing right now . Like my pants I don't know the person that had made them and what they get paid or what they have to do to survive . That is just the small thing people don't know about their clothing .And I am one of those many people that don't know. That is why Globalization relates to me .