Latta's Weekly News

3rd Grade

September 23rd

A Peak at our Week:

Reading: This week we will be focusing on finding the main idea in a reading passage. There will not be a new story for the week. We will be reviewing Stone Fox and reading different passages incorporating the main idea skill. Our comprehension test over Stone Fox will be Thursday. There will not be any vocabulary words this week! We will have our potato bar on Friday in honor of Little Willy and Searchlight. Our homeroom mom, Mrs. Aisha Rivera-Lugo, has already organized the potato feast. THANK YOU AISHA:) Thanks so much to all of your for your support!

Math: We FINISHED our unit on finding the area of an object today! This skill was mastered by everyone! Area lends itself nicely into multiplication. Today we learned about arrays and how they relate to multiplication. We will continue with multiplication for the next couple weeks. You can help by beginning to help your child memorize their 2's. This will help so much when beginning multiplication.

Science/Social Studies: We will continue to learn about map skills, continents, and land forms in social studies. We are also doing an in class research project on the state of Wyoming (the setting for Stone Fox). The students will be learning how to create a power point presentation! They will be using their flash drives that were brought in at the first of the year :) They can work on this at home if needed, all PowerPoints will be due next Tuesday.

Important School Dates:

Sept. 25th: Stone Fox comprehension test

Sept. 25th Math DE Testing

Sept: 26th Potato Bar

Resource Schedule for Next Week.

Monday: Art

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Media


YES! Your child is not fibbing :) You are allowed to send in a yoga ball for your child to sit on if you like. We have read several articles discussing how sitting on yoga balls increases student's attention, while allowing busy-bodied students to get the wiggles out! If you plan to send in a yoga ball, please take heed of the following: a medium size yoga ball works best, and the ones with sand in the bottom are awesome for the classroom because they don't roll around. We have had a couple kids begin to bring them in, and we haven't had any problems at all with them ;) The students are very responsible on them and seem to be focusing and having fun!