Stolen Valor

By Payton Sigler

Stolen Valor?

Stolen Valor is when a person Falsely Claims a Military award, Achievement, status, Or Events they have never taken place in.

Most Common of Stolen Valor Occurrences

1.Wearing a Military Uniform with any awards, specific Unit Patches, or Awards not achieved or earned.

2. Claiming To be apart of Any Particular Military Unit

3.Claiming military experiences that never happened .

Stealing from Veterans

Organizations that help Veterans with transitioning back into civilian life are having their resources Wasted and Are Being stolen from by the less needed attention veterans for Personal gain. Those Resources are Much needed for the Wounded And mentally disabled veterans.


Under the federal law of the stolen valor act of 2013 prohibits any person from false claiming military awards and medals. It can vary from 6 months to 1 year in prison and up to 100,000 dollars in fines.

I Believe that the punishment should Have a more strict punishment. The Stolen Valor valor act of 2013 basicly states that the crime being committed is fraud. Only punishable up to 1 year in prison. In my personal belief the punishment should at the minimum be twice That amount of jail time due to the vast spreading of the Crime.

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Example of a stolen valor

Ways you can tell

1. The Navy seal trident( the gold bird and trident with the clutched Flintlock pistol) is incorrect because you can not be in the branch of The Marine corps and be a navy seal at the same time .

2.the E.O.D insignia Above the golden trident should not be on this uniform with the navy seal trident because it is a totally different job in the branch of service

3. The facial grooming regulations are exceeding 1/2 inch in length

In conclusion stolen valor bears great disrespect to our nations protectors and can be directed onto a new course to a decline if the punishments are harsh than they now are.