Introduction to Genetics

By: Emily Hess


Heterozygous- The two alleles (genes) for a trait are different. (Ex: Hh)

Homozygous- The two alleles (genes) for a trait are the same (Ex: HH & hh)

Dominant- The allele that masks or hides the recessive allele (uppercase letter)

Recessive- The allele that is masked or hidden by the recessive allele (lowercase letter)

Genotype- Gene combination

Phenotype- physical appearance/expression of a trait

Heterozygous vs. Homozygous

Dominant vs. Recessive

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Genotype vs. Phenotype

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How can someone predict the traits of offspring?

The traits of offspring can be predicted using a punnett square. It combines the Parents genes together.

Why is it important to Study the principles of inheritance (how traits passed on to offspring)?

So that we can predict any diseases or problems that may be passed on to future generations.