United Nations Agency - UNESCO

Aims and Principles of UNESCO

The United Nations educational, Scientific and cultural Organisation, also known as UNESCO, is an international organisation which aims at improving quality of living for people globally as well as well as preserving their heritage for coming generations.

There goals are to promote peace and to rid people of poverty, as well as bringing different races and cultures together.

Educational Goals

UNESCO aims to give a free, high quality primary education for children around the world, especially those of disadvantaged countries. Part of this goal is to improve literacy among adults and also to provide and improve education for girls in underdeveloped countries.

Scientific Goals

In this factor, UNESCO aims for a sustainable amount of development while keeping the environment healthy (i.e. High air and water quality).

Cultural Goals

Their goal is to preserve and protect sites with important cultural, historical and/or scenic value so future generations can enjoy them. They follow through this goal by listing sights under a World Heritage site.

The History of UNESCO

The History of UNESCO

This video is about the history of UNESCO and important events which helped create UNESCO. It shows the growth and formation of the organisation. They formed in 1945 to help support the beliefs of many nations and build a lasting peace between all nations.

Mount Fuji, So Popular It Hurts

This newspaper article is about Mount Fuji’s ever growing popularity and how the tourism is effecting the environment and living quality. The article relates to UNESCO because Mount Fuji has recently been added to the World Heritage List. Also, UNESCO focuses on protecting and preserving cultural sites for future generations to see.

The article printed by the New York Times acknowledges the negative impact on the environment due to large masses of tourists visiting the mountain. The effects vary from piles of trash to bad air quality. During a 10 day stretch, climbers were asked to donate 1000 yen. If the fee was made permanent, it coukld potentially cure the mountain of its pollution.

Has UNESCO reached their aims?

I think that UNESCO is very close to achieving their goals, but they still have many things that they need to improve. UNESCO has done a very good job in completing their cultural goals. They have successfully protected many places by enforcing strong rules.

I also believe that they could improve their educational goals because although many children are now able to afford an education, there are still millions more. The scientific goals need a lot more work because although we have discovered much more about health and environment and cures, all these experiments are still mostly chemically based. Many of the more common forms of energy are those which pollute air and water.

Overall, I think that UNESCO still has many more years of research and education before they can fully accomplish their goals.