Welcome to Freshman Year

Good Luck!

Here's to starting high school English

Hello everyone, you are starting freshman year! My name is Allyson Amabile, and I was in Mrs. Allen's ninth grade class last year. This year will be stuffed full of projects and assignments. Just stay organized and keep Mrs. Allen happy. All in all, before you know you will be making one of these newsletters, too.

Who doesn't like a short story?

You will read "Gift of the Magi," "The Most Dangerous Game," "The Cask of Amontillado," "The Scarlet Ibis," and "The Lady or the Tiger." Don't worry they are only a couple pages long. For each story you will do a simple plot out line. The assignments are easy because you will enjoy reading the stories. The stories are very interesting. No doubt, everyone has time for a short story

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

The first novel you will read is The Hunger Games. You will do many fun activities while reading. You will be put into districts within your class and you will get a point with every project, test, and challenge you do. You do get to make your own mutant animal. You also get to watch the movie. You will obviously love reading The Hunger Games with Mrs. Allen

"Romeo, Romeo Where for art thou Romeo!"

You will read your first Shakespeare piece this year! Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous works, and it is very interesting even though it is kinda of hard to understand. It is not as hard as it seems, it will be easier as it goes on. You will also do some fun activities such as making a parody balcony scene. All in all, reading Romeo and Juliet is actually quite fun.

The Defendant is found...

This year you will also read a book called Monster. It is a very different book than any other book I have ever read. With this book you can decide whether you think that he is guilty or innocent. Then once you read Monster you get to find out whether the jury finds him guilty or innocent .You will do a couple of activities. You will also have to have a journal with this book. For sure, you will love this book as much as I did.

Independent Reading...

Who doesn't like to read?

Well, except for Alex. When you have to do independent reading you get to pick whatever book you want. You also will do six post it notes that are easy to do. I personally would rather do the signposts over the post it notes. Once you have read your book all you have to do is talk about your book with Mrs. Allen. With out a doubt, independent reading is fun, and doing a book talk with Mrs. Allen is much better than doing a book report,

My favorite part of the year was...

I loved when we read The Hunger Games in class. First off, I love The Hunger Games series, it is one of my favorite series. Another one of the reasons it was my favorite was all of the cool activities we did when we read it. I liked that we were split into districts and did fun challenges, and you get for winning the challenge or doing good on tests. Also I like that we made are own Mutant animals like the tracker jackers or the mutant dogs. Last but not least getting to watch The Hunger Games in English is a perfect day. Anyways, Reading The Hunger Games was my favorite part of the year and I am sure it might be yours as well.

My not so favorite part of the year was...

My least favorite part of the year was when we read the Odyssey. It was just boring to me and very hard to understand. I mostly disliked reading the Odyssey because that is when I went on vacation and had to read half of it by myself. Not understanding it was probably the only reason I didn't like it. I like learning about the Illiad and watch the movie Troy in class. Maybe you will have a different experience with the Odyssey than I did.

Need some help?

Here's some advice for your benefit

Some advice to do good in English 9 this year is to stay organized! Binder checks are worth around 60 points each time. That can completely change your grade and all you have to do is organize things you already did. Get on Mrs. Allen's good side. Just make her laugh a couple times a week and you are golden. Most importantly do your homework. You can fail this class if you don't do your homework. Those points will add up. Now take this advice and actually use it!

For your convenience:)

5 Ways to make Mrs. Allen laugh

1.) Knock over a lamp on accident (don't break anything!)

2.) Love reading as much as Steven Fogel

3.) Make fun of Mrs. Allen all period (within reason;) )

4.) Correct all of Mrs.Allen's mistakes

5.) Make fun of the new verson of the Romeo and Juliet movie (also within reason)

Here's a quote to help you get motivated!

"Stop saying 'I wish' start saying 'I will' "


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