My Teaching philosophy

learn , play and work together

I believe that children have to be motivated and satisfied about their learning that's why I create the atmosphere that respect their interests, full of new ideas and nurture their minds. Also I will raise their awareness of being responsible toward other people and have good relationships with them as well. I will tie the learning outcomes with the community to help them to be not only active learners but also active members in their society.

My classroom allows children learn in different ways. As i apply varied learning approaches such as, cooperative learning strategy, integration of technology in classroom and guided individual instructions. Using auditory, kinesthetic and visual materials is equally important to form a rich environment that enables them to learn according to their personal preferences.

As a facilitator for the learning process, I always involve my students in the assessments by sharing with them learning objectives, providing them with the feedback of their work and giving them the opportunity to assess themselves. This helps them to judge themselves which increases their critical thinking and set goals for themselves.

Using the positive discipline is the key of creating a safe environment that makes students feel secured and responsible toward others. i also encourage them to work as team and try to make new friends and have good relationships with others. This can be happened by planning for small projects which allow them to work as a group. in addition too, i will establish a good relations and have a good communication with their parents in order not to make them confused between what they learned at school and how they raised at their home.

Interaction within the community provides rich, multicultural experiences to young minds. some activities like recycling and inviting different people from their community to the classroom to tell them about different professions, raise their awareness of their community and let them reflect what they learned to their real life.

As an educator, I believe in installing the passion of long life learning in students by sharing my experience in learning new things with them. Also I will do my best to teach them to be more effective individual in their society whose mind is full of new ideas and able to think critically. In addition too, I will work on my teaching skills and do my best to add new ideas to my classroom that matches the society challenges.