Battling Animal Extinction

By: Bryanna Comeaux and Fabiana El Reda

studies reveled a rate of 100- 1000 species lost per year due to human caused habitat destruction . Sadly most of the human caused destructions are just from people being lazy or selfish. therefore animals are being immorally killed of human destruction.



Elephants around the world are being killed for their tusk to make jewelry. Statistics show, " Tens of thousand of elephants are killed for their tusk per year" (Los Angeles 5). This human destruction is one of the most up-rising problems in the u.s. and China.

Sea Turtles

Along with Sea Turtles are slowly going extinct just because some people are to lazy to throw away their trash. For instance "Sea turtles can also starve to death because they feel full after swallowing plastic waste" (Washington 10). With all the littering it is possible that other animals within the same environment can soon begin to get effected.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, animals around the world will soon go extinct because of the rapid and slow growing human destruction. We can help make a difference by recycling more and boycott ivory.