Don't You Hate Detentions?

These People Live in Them!


Why are people emigrating from Central America?

- Immigrants are in search of a better life, but most times its because they are trying to escape drug wars and the dangers of their countries.

What's a detention center?

- They are basically prisons. People who cross the border without verification get shipped to these. These places violate people's basic needs.

Are they helping with immigration?

- Detention centers are not conducive to helping immigration. Instead of trying to prevent them into assimilating into our society, we need to embrace their presence.

- These centers do not offer a good solution to immigration, they are just wasting federal money by keeping people locked up. Reform needs to happen now.

Additional info

- Approximately 400,000 people are sent to detention centers each year

- Most people in detention centers can spend up to 6 months there or until the government decides to either accept or deport them

- The average cost of detaining an immigrant is $164 per day


Sitlaly's Story

My name is Sitlaly and I'm a 19 years old. I am the first to graduate high school in my family and wishing into becoming a Nurse Practitioner specialized in Family Care. I want to make my parents proud of me and have a better life like my parents wished when they immigrated from Mexico. I am a U.S citizen by birth but I have two younger siblings who are undocumented. I support the immigration reform so that my brother and sister and any other young person who were raised here but are undocumented can continue their education and pursue a career that can become successful and happy in their future life.


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