no unifroms here

Daisy Alexiana Sanchez

why no unifoms

our school should not have uniforms for a good reson kids hate having same cloths as others.On other reson is because it is uncofterable you rather have us learn cofterable or not. Also us kids wear our cloths to show our feelings and personalaties to show ur teachers to know us better.

To help parents

we should have no unifroms because they are very expensive for some parents to aford. So we should buy regular cloths because they are verry chep for parents to aford.It is also verry fanshonable.

no unimforms

We don't need uniforms because if we get in trouble you would not recunis us if we all wear the same clothing. Also if we are at a asambly and some on says,"yes the kid in the red shrit" everyone will get confused because all of them will be wering red.In concluesion every kid in America hates uniforms!!!!