"A school culture is a “community of leaders" (Barth,2013).

Who is Roland S. Barth?

Roland S. Barth is a well-known author who has experience as a public school teacher and principal. He is the founder of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Principal’s Center and International Network of Principal’s Center. He is an advocate for distributive leadership which allows both the principal and the teacher to play key roles in the transformation of a school

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Roland Barth Teacher Leadership

What can school leaders do to promote teacher leadership and collegiality?

  • State expectations explicitly
  • Model collegiality
  • Reward those who behave as colleagues
  • Protect those who engage in collegial behaviors (Barth, 2006)

Roland S. Barth Quotes to Remember!

  • "A true mark of a the leader is not how many followers one begates but how many leaders" (Barth 2013).

  • "Teacher leadership is shared leadership or distributive leadership. Whatever name we call it, the concept of a school as a community of leaders is an idea whose time has come" (Barth, 2006).

  • "The teacher who leads... is the teacher who is an insatiable learner" (Barth 2013).

  • "A school community is like a ship. Everyone must be prepared to take the helm" (Barth, 2013).

  • Teachers who aren't alive as learners start to percolate when they take on leadership roles" (Barth, 2013).

  • "A school's mission is to create and provide a culture hospitable to human learning and to make it likely that students and educators will become and remain life-long learners. This is what instructional leadership is about" (Barth, 2002).

  • "Schools are full of good players. Collegiality is about getting them to play together, about growing a professional learning community" (Barth, 2006).