Air Quality Armidale

and how it's affecting us...

What's the issue?

  • the issue is that in Armidale we have extensive amounts of wood smoke in our area due to the amount of wood fires ,but as Armidale is an extremely cold place in winter it is understandable that we would have to keep warm this way

What is the spatial dimension of this problem?

    The spatial dimension of this problem is global but we have focused on a the smaller region of Armidale as it has an extensive amount of smoke in the area
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Why is it there?

The problem has occurred in Armidale due to the climate and landscape, as it is very cold in Armidale more people are inclined to use wood burners which is another factor to this problem

what problems are caused by the air quality?

Smoke from wood heaters has a lot in common with tobacco smoke. Because wood and tobacco are both organic fuels, when they burn they give off a very similar compounds. Particulate matter, especially those particles known as PM2.5, are the most worrying. Children and the elderly are most at risk from PM2.5. These particles lodge in the lungs and can trigger or worsen respiratory illnesses like asthma, pneumonia and middle ear infections.

What have been the responses to the issue?

there have been may responses to the issue of Armidale's air quality, there have been groups suggesting that other heating alternatives would make a dramatic impact on the problem they believe that investing in other ways would be the best option for everyone, but when people of the community do not feel as if they should spend there money on another source of heating there isn't much that can be done. The Armidale council has also done there part in monitoring the amount of air quality but not as much of an action to prevent it has occurred.

by maddy and tenzin