Machu Picchu

The Incan city

When was MACHU PICCHU made and where is it?

In 1533 A.D. the Inca were building Machu Picchu. They where building in peru off of the ancient reamains of the previous city that the Pachacutes had made. Machu Picchu was located in the mountains so farming and building ws difficult. one of the ways the Inca survived was by buillding terraces which they built and farmed on. Terraces are a flat man made area in a normally hilly area.
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Machu Picchu today

Now in Machu Picchu there is a world heritage protection at the site.Currently humans think it is a attractive place.Also it showed a civilized culture that knew how to manipulate land. Overall though, it looks like a small bunched up area on a mountain.

How has Machu Picchu affected the world

Machu Picchu has affected the world by providing a home for the ancient Inca. Without the city the Inca would have been wiped out sooner by the Spanish when they invaded the Inca. It let the Incan rulers be safe from harm also. The city had semi-paved roads that made travel easier. It had aquaducts that let the Incans get waster easier providing a semi self-sufficient settlement.


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