5 Basics to Grit and Perseverance

Emma M

Have a problem? Use resilience to solve your issue.

A lot of people have trouble bouncing back from adversities, but resilience is one of the most important characteristics of grit. Lizzie Velasquez was born with a defect that doesn't allow her to gain weight. The problem is that this created a huge problem for her mentally and physically. On her first day of kindergarten she started to get bullied. She stated "I experienced bullying as early as the first day of kindergarten and there were times I wish I could escape my body." The bullying never stopped and people also told her she was one of the Worlds Ugliest Women.

These hardships got her down but she showed resilience and great things came to her. She once said that "They let me have those times when I just wanted to cry. But I give myself a dead line and say today is my sad day but when the some comes up tomorrow its done." She finally solved her problem and became an anti-bullying activist and motivational speaker. The answer to the problem was to accept herself and her rare syndrome and her story is a great example of resilience. This shows us that you have to come out of your darkest times to be able to accept your self and when you do you can make an impact and inspire people. Information from people magazine. Read more about her in the hyperlink down below.

The Road to Courage

Nelson Mandela is a very courageous man who went through a lot of trouble to help with racial inequalities and injustices faced by non-white people. In 1943 Mandela decided to join the ANC or the African National Congress to take part in the struggle against apartheid. The characteristics of grit show that courage is a very important trait and Mandela knew that.

In 1956 Nelson Mandela was arrested and charged with treason. Later Mandela was let out of prison in 1961 and he continued to persevere. His life was very hard and he nothing came easy to him when he was trying to help with racial segregation. Mandela didn't yield or give up his beliefs when he got arrested. Although he just got let out of prison not long after he got put back in in 1963 for treason. Finally when he got out of jail he made a long speech and was able to affirm his commitment to the ideals of democracy. He was in jail for 27 years and as you can imagine, this was a huge triumph. Mandela raised awareness for the cause and made a huge impact on the world. This shows, that if you persevere and show resilience, you will make an impact on the world. Information from biography.com

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A Long Walk to Excellence over Perfection

Excellence means that you prioritize progress and allow for disappointment over perfection. Salva in "A Long Walk to Water" was showing excellence because he didn't care how he did it. He was trying to get somewhere safe while he was walking through the war. He was okay with the disappointment and he finally got to his foster family by showing excellence.

On the other hand, Nya was more looking for perfection. An important thing that you should know is that Nya was safe from the war. She did have to walk 8 hours to get water but she didn't have to walk through dangerous settings like Salva. There soon was a water well built right in her village so she no longer had to walk a long way to get water. This shows how she wanted things to go her way and everything to be perfect. Although most people don't have to walk 8 hours or have to walk through a war, this lesson is still relevant. Even if your problem might be smaller then someone else's problem you still have to be showing excellence over perfection because then you will come to a greater triumph. Book evidence from "A Long Walk to Water"

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Conscientiousness? Here is how to show it

A very important characteristic of grit is conscientiousness. That means to be efficient and organized, rather than easy going and disorderly. Some people don't know how to show it or what it is so I'm here to explain it to you.

How do I do it?

Being organized and efficient is hard to do sometimes but when you have to get something done it is important not to get side tracked and focus on your task. You must stay in it and not try to do other things.

How does it lead me to my goal?

Being conscientious leads you to your goal because if you are being efficient, your work will be done properly leading you to your goal and then your triumph will be bigger and better. These questions define for you what it means o be conscientious and how it leads you to your goal.

What are the characteristics of conscientiousness?

Like mentioned before, it is very important to be able to show efficiency and organization. If these characteristics aren't showed, it might be harder to reach your goal. Also there could be more road blocks in your way because you might forget important things to do.

How a cause effected Martin Luther King

People get inspired to do things when they want to achieve something. We do this because something caused an event to happen and we want to effect that cause. A characteristic of grit is to achieve long term goals. Martin Luther King, for example was a very influential person who who effected a cause to achieve long term goals. MLK was a civil rights activist during the 1950's and 60's. Blacks had little to no rights, which caused martin to try to change that. He led marches across large areas, gave powerful speeches and preached at churches about his beliefs.

MLK's goal was to get equal rights and he finally achieved his goal. The king ended legal segregation, also the creation of the Civil Rights Act was formed in 1964. He also created the Voting Rights act on 1965. This was not easy to achieve. MLK had to go through rows upon rows of policemen with guns and teargas when he was marching. When he was marching he and the people marching with him got hurt by the whips and tear gas but that didn't stop them from reaching freedom. This shows how having long term goals is very important, and if you don't have that characteristic of grit, your effect on a cause wont happen as well as you might of hoped. Information from biography.com

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