The eleventh Plague

By: Jeff Hirsch


The book deals with a teenage boy name Stephen Quinn. He is trying to sruvive with his dad in after their was a disease that spreads across the United States and the rest of the world. There are a lot of people that are dead from it. Now the goverment has fallen in the United States. Everybody is now on there own.

Rievew of Book

I think this book is good because I like how they set up the book explaining who the characters are. Then it show what troubles they have when they are trying to survive. For example when they were saving the slaves from the slave owners. That is why I like this book a lot.


Stephen Quinn: is a teenage boy that is trying to survive with his dad.

Dad: is Stephen dad that is with him.

Grandpa: Stephen grandpa but he dies at the beginning.

Favorite passage

My favorite passage is at the beginning when they are in the airplane that crash so they can stay out of the rain. When Stephen and his dad was in the plane they heard people outside so they went to the back of the plane to hide. It was two men that were slave owners and they had to slave with them. So they waited for the men to pass out from the alcohol then they set the slaves free. But as they were doing that one of the men woke up and then they started to chase them but they all got away.

The reason that I like this parts so much is because they waited for a couple of hours then they attacked them. also because they were willing to risk there life just to save someone else that they do not even know.

The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch



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