Francisco Pizarro's Expedition

Spanish Man Francisco Pizarro Sets Sail For Final Voyage!

Country of Origin

Francisco Pizarro was born in Spain. Some think he was born between 1471-1478. He came from a family well known for their accomplishments. His father served in the italian military and his cousin, Hernando Cortes, was a famous Spanish conquistador.


Francisco Pizarro was sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
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Interview with Mr.Pizarro

Question: Why did you want to become an explorer?

Answer: I wanted to conquer the people of Peru, just like my cousin Hernando Cortes

Question: What are your favorite accomplishments?

Answer: One of my favorite accomplishments was conquering the Inca Empire. It took so much work to prepare for it, and i accomplished my goal. Another one of my favorite accomplishments is that I had the emperor killed, which means I took over as governor of Peru.

Question: What year did you start your exploration?

Answer: In 1503, I started my first voyage to the New World.

When Francisco Pizarro Died

Pizarro died June 26, 1541, he was attacked by 20 armed men. When he was trying to pull out his sword, Pizarro was stabbed in the throat. Francisco was buried beneath the floor of the cathedral in Lima, Peru