The Homeless

How Selfless Acts Make Major Changes

Language Arts Research Project (2nd)

By: Michelle Chavarria


All around the world, people are homeless and do not have a place to live for one reason or another. They have little to eat and a lot of times little help or support.

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Homelessness is a problem that can be solved in several different ways. People, including children, have explored the options.
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9 YEAR OLD TO THE RESCUE (click below)

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Although, unexpected, these solution have helped homelessness decrease. Less people are on the streets. Less people are in danger. And more people have lives they are proud of. Less kids on the streets will result in less adults on the streets in the future.

Individuals Help The Cause

Many individual people have taken their time to help with the problem of homelessness. The stories of people like this are truely inspiring
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Josiah is another unexpected example of someone helping the homeless. The article "Giving Back" by Meredith Hamilton tells his story. He, despite his young age, saw a homeless man and pleaded his mom to help the man. Little steps like this lead to the progression of homelessness going away. We should learn from little Josiah!

In Relation to Our Themes

This problem and its solution ties to both our themes. Homelessness is a huge, impactful adversity that is difficult to overcome(Q1 Theme). The solutions come in many shapes and sizes and usually are a bit unexpected (Q2 Theme).


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