How to Stay Safe Online

'Your digital world'

Are you really safe?

The internet is limitless, you can search, download, upload and read many things in order to have fun, or to benefit your learning. This comes with a risk, though. In order to stay safe online, you must complete a few steps in order to ensure your security, so that only your friends can see your posts, so that you can only contact certain people, and to know what you should and shouldn't do in order to stay safe.

Think before you type!

Dos and Don'ts

You must do numerous things to stay safe online and these things are:

  • Always think before you type; are you going to hurt someone? Are you putting yourself at risk?
  • Never share your personal information online,
  • Do not accept friend requests/follow requests from people you do not know,
  • Never state your location or your bank account details
  • Never post irrelevant or inappropriate pictures, since they may be seen by future employers.

What is it?

PIN number - a series of numbers that is used by a system to recognise an individual. It is VERY important that you NEVER share your PIN, since it holds very valuable information. People can access your bank account, and other data. DO NOT use 1234 as a PIN.

Biometric scanner- a device used to identify a person's features. A fingerprint scanner is an example of this. It is good to have a biometric scanner as well as a password, since there is only one you, and no two fingerprints are the same.

Encryption- is the transfer of electronic data into another form

Forensic Computing-This is the application and analysis and reporting on digital data legally

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