3rd Six Weeks Homework Assignment

- English Language Arts

Setting And Plot

Setting and plot is the the time and place where a scene occurs. It can help set a mood, infiuence the way characters behave, affect the dialog, foreshadow events, invoke an emotional response, reflect the society in which the characters live, and some times the even plays a part in the story. It can also be a critical element in nonfiction as the setting provides the framework for what is beining discussed.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming Ideas is thinking of ideas

Ex; web list mimery and notes

Revising and Editing Techniques

Proofreading make sure it sounds good make any changes that need to be made.


It was a warm sunny day at the cost. It had a smell you could only image, the smell of fish. As walked down the beach, where people where fishing I noticed something. The closer I got I realized it was a man and woman swimming, but what I also seen was a shark. The man and woman had no idea the shark was swimming their way. I started yelling shark shark but they could not hear me. The guy fishing next to me sees the shark. He throws his line in the water to try and catch the shark. I as I was running and yelling shark shark the man and women heard me. They took off swimming to shore the shark ate the man and women. The guy caught the shark.