Français 2-Semaine 4

Les Classes de Français II

Semaine 4!

Salut! Your first progress reports are being submitted to your schools this week. You should have completed Unit 1 La Routine, be finishing up Unit 2 Les Animaux, and should be beginning Unit 3 Les Distractions this week! In units 1 and 2- you reviewed present tense conjugations and reflexive verbs to talk about your daily routine, you learned demonstratives and comparisons in order to make comparative statements. You learned about Provence and La Corse. In Unit 3, you'll continue making comparisons and talking about what you do, and we'll be adding direct object pronouns.

You'll notice that Unit 1 is closed (you may not longer submit work from that unit). I'll be assigning zeroes for Unit 2 on Friday and closing it on Sunday- if you aren't on pace, please work diligently to get caught up! You have 9 assignments due this week!

**Please make sure you are Showing All Content/ Allowed Mixed Media/Content! If you aren't seeing my videos in the announcements or if the audio isn't working- this could be why! You'll have to do this each time you log in!


Les Annonces Et Les Instructions

Don't forget to check your Announcements, your Messages, your Grades DAILY! Please use Blackboard IM! Check in with me via IM/ Text/ Message!

Common mistakes from Unit 2:

A couple notes about common mistakes in Unit 2:

1. plus petit que- more small than= smaller. moins petit que- less small than= bigger. Some of your are using plus/moins incorrectly. Think about what you are trying to say.

2. more expensive than= plus chèr(e) que

3. With comparative sentences, use plus... que/ moins...que/ aussi... que. (not comme)

4. Make sure your article, noun and adjective all agree- une grenouille verte

5. Make sure your verb is singular/plural to agree with the subject. Les papillons sont beaux. Le papillon bleu est beau.