125,000 kids have it when there born

5 Symptoms

  1. Progeria makes you age faster
  2. Pain areas in the chest
  3. Failure to thrive, short stature, slow growth, or underdeveloped
  4. Rashes or wrinkles
  5. Enlarged head, joint stiffness, and loss of muscle

Affecting daily life

If you had fragile bones you could not do sports. You would have to stay home getting some rest. If you had hip dislocation you would have to walk with a cane and with someone next to you. If you had some hearing loss you would have to use a hearing aid to hear other people.

Life Expantancy

The average life expectancy for a child with progeria is about 13 year, but some with the disease die younger and some live 20 years or longer.

Interesting facts

125,000 people have this condition. Only kids have it when there born. A mutation in the gene called LMNA. Progeria affects chromosome 1. The name of the gene that is mutated is Lamin A. The Meaning of progeria is prematurely old. There is no cure for Progeria. To help you live longer you have to eat healthy,exerciser, and do activities.

More Interesting Facts

grants funded:61, totaling over $6.7 million