The "Missouri" in Springfield

Springfield, Missouri

Because of Missouri’s geography, the state is frequently visited by natural disasters. Ice storms, tornadoes, severe storms, and flooding are all common in Missouri. Since 1990, Missouri has received more than 30 federal major disaster declarations. It is the responsibility of the State Emergency Management Agency to work with local governments to make sure that all appropriate information is collected about the impact of disasters on local communities and then put together the information for the Governor. Depending on the event, the Governor may request that the President issue an emergency or major disaster declaration.

Current Energy Use Production/consumption

Coal- 9.1 Trillion, 806.5 Trillion

Crude Oil- 1.2 Trillion, 18.6 Trillion

Nuclear Electric Power- 87.4 Trillion, 87.4 Trillion

Bio Fules- 34.5 Trillion, 42.1 Trillion

Other Renewable Energy- 59.6 Trillion, 12.4 Trillion

Some Examples of Springfield's Tragedies

New Ideas for building green

Buildings that will withstand flooding

We can do this with a combination of improving the way we manage the water system, the amount that we build and the way that we build. We should build less, not more, in flood risk areas and increase the amount of space we give to water storage. This means more green spaces, storing water and permeable surfaces.

And, if we do build in flood risk areas, there are many designs for flood resilient buildings we can use. Here’s an outline of how we can adapt existing buildings and build new ones differently to protect and minimise damage to property (and life) when flooding happens.

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As well as new building in the future bearing in mind these options, most existing structures can be wet-proofed. This means they are designed with possible future flooding in mind and result in only minimal damage to the property should this happen.These, and many more, can be easily incorporated into current building procedures. If the right foresight and planning are given, we can have flood-resistant buildings that aid mitigation efforts and, if need be, support the future adaptation of our cities for years to come.

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