Toddler 2 Zoo News

April 15-19, 2013

Our pets are the best!

This week our focus was on pets. We were able to meet some pets that were brought in. We met Ms. April's pet turtle when she came in to read us a story. She let each of us touch the turtle with one finger. We were also introduced to a pet bunny named Daisy that belongs to Ms. Lana's daughter. Our book of the week was Pigeon Wants a Puppy. We pretended to be pets and crawled around on the floor acting like cats and dogs. We made some animal art projects as well.

Happy Birthday to Kyleigh!

We wish our friend Kyleigh a very happy 2nd birthday. We helped her celebrate on Thursday with some yummy cupcakes!

Ms. Jonalyn's group

We worked on various skills this week. We did a lot of pretend play. We pretended to be animals. We also pretended to cook in the kitchen with our new dishes. Our favorite pretend game was to bring Ms. Jonalyn some invisible M&M's and then eat them all before she could. Such fun!

We played in the parachute making it go up and down, fast and slow. We also caught bubbles in a cup. Our favorite activity this week was a trip to the sensory room. So much to explore! We played in the ball pit, watched bubbles go up the tube and touched all types of textures and fabrics.

We worked on hand and eye coordination by doing string art. That was challenging but fun. We made animal art with paint and animal shaped sponges. We also worked on up and down motion by using stampers to make dots. Ms. Alex, our intern, helped us make puppy dogs out of our handprints.

Lastly, we gave our baby dolls a bath and then worked on a new skill by squirting water in a tub. That was so much fun!

Ms. Claar's group

Our pretend skills got a work out this week too. We pretended to play in the park and go on a bear hunt. We also pretended to be various animals. We made some fun art projects including a snake, fish in a fish bowl and puppies!

The weather would not cooperate this week so we spent a lot of time in the L shape. We played in the parachute, rode on scooters and pushed babies around in strollers. We also played with sand again in the sensory table. What a great week we had!